Mention in Feast Magazine

I was unloading my ridiculous vanĀ after a show one day, and got a call from Feast Magazine asking for a fact check on a little feature they were including in their November Issue! I love Feast magazine and always look through it while waiting in line for brunch at Mudhouse. They feature some of the best places to eat in the Midwest, as well as fun artisan vendors throughout the area (including this lady). They featured my napkin rings and since then, I’ve had several new orders! Check out the feature!

Feature in At Home St. Louis

I almost ruined my pants when At Home St. Louis editor Veronica Theodoro reached out to me about coming to see my work. At Home is part of the larger St. Louis Magazine, which is a well respected and popular newsstand magazine here in St. Louis. I couldn’t believe this woman, who has seen the most beautiful homes in our city, was coming over to my paleolithic cave to look at my artwork. I spent the whole day before her visit cleaning like crazy (my house REALLY needed it) and redecorating my entire bathroom, even though of course she didn’t need to use the bathroom. I find that any time someone is going to come over, it’s usually a good idea to just redo the whole house.
At any rate, she came over and was so nice about all of my work. Later on, the magazine journalist came out for a lovely chat, and the photographer followed a few days later for a fancy (well, to me) photo shoot. I loved seeing the final article in the pages of the magazine, and felt so awesome being in those pages among some of St. Louis’s most artsy people!

Check out the article here!

Feature in Ladue News

I was so pleased when Amanda from Ladue News contacted me about doing a lovely feature in the magazine! Ladue News is a wonderful, well-known and heavily circulated publication found in the affluent areas of St. Louis. I enjoy reading them at Companion Bread, but they’re all over the place! This article was wonderfully written and featured tons of images of my work, and I felt so honored to be a part of it! My dad probably picked up 10 copies and showed it to literally everyone at Purina, where he works. Check it outĀ here!

Feature on Ety’s Instagram

What a delight this was! This is one of the most incredible things that has happened in my very short career as a crafty business lady, and it was just such a spectacular surprise when I opened up my instagram to hundreds of new followers! Etsy has been my bae, and I couldn’t do what I do without them. They have been my greatest source of success and I couldn’t be more grateful!

Check out my llama on Etsy’s Insta!